Step 1 - Design Consultation

The initial on site meeting will provide a chance to discuss aspirations, requirements, ideas or features the client may have and would like to incorporate into the garden design. A walk through of the existing space is ideal as it helps evaluate the gardens potential.

It is important to give thought to budgets at an early stage as this will help to gain an idea of what is achievable in terms of style and scale, as well as the plants and materials to be used.

Step 2 - Proposal

Following the Design Consultation a quote for the garden design, including Site Survey requirements, will be supplied to the client. A summary of the discussion notes taken at the Design Consultation will also be included for reference.

Step 3 - Site Survey

The survey is essential to evaluate accurate dimensions, services and existing levels of the site.

For small to medium gardens it is possible for SBGD to conduct the survey. However, for large or more complex sites an external surveyor may be required to provide a full topographic survey.

Step 4 - Concept Design Meeting

SGBD will then create a Concept Design based on the Design Consultation and Site Survey information to allow the client to gain an understanding of the space allocation and proposed lay out of the design. An annotated concept design will illustrate the garden in plan view.

Images of plants, materials, design features and structures will be used to help in the visualisation of style and how these relate back to the design.

Step 5 - Presentation Plan

On approval of the Concept Design the Presentation Plan will take the design to the next level where it can be used as a working drawing for quotations.

The Presentation Plan will include accurate material specification, quantities, dimensions and level changes.

Step 6 - Planting Plan

‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow’ - (Audrey Hepburn)

With the completion of the Presentation Plan the planting scheme is then built onto ‘the bones’ of the design. The planting scheme is intrinsically linked to the overall design, as well as being tailored to suit the clients lifestyle.

The Planting Plan will list all plant varieties, quantities and highlight planting companions.

Step 7 - The Build

SBGD has been working with a select group of trusted professional Landscapers (as sub-contractors) for 10 years and will introduce the client to the Landscapers where they can work directly together, or alternatively SBGD can manage the project.

Step 8 - Aftercare

‘I like gardening. It’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself’ - Alice Sebold

Once the new garden is complete SBGD can recommend trusted gardeners, who have a high level of plant knowledge, to take on the regular maintenance of the garden, allowing the client to spend as much or little time gardening as suits.

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